Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

No one can accuse the Chinese of not being resourceful; they seem to use dogs for all sorts of things that we, in the west wouldn’t have even thought of. Current reports suggest 3 little tiger cubs born at the Jinan Paomaling Wild Animal World in Shandong province are currently being nursed by a farm dog after the cubs were inexplicably rejected by their mother (What kind of freak says no to a tiger cub? Maybe the mother had post partum depression). That dog just jumped in and took up the slack. One thing that’s for certain here: The job description to be a dog in China certainly isn’t lacking in potential job variation and spontaneity. Here we can see the dog is a source of food for tigers while on another day, that same dog might end up an entrĂ©e for humans. Who knows what’ll happen? Every day is a new set of challenges and excitement for dogs in China. [source]

Politicians in Taiwan, who are known for hard core fighting in parliament – as in, 2 years ago one man used tear gas to get his point across - are going the whole way and actually planning an all out wrestling match for press, obviously. Even though politicians have been quoted as saying that parliament is a noble place – it still seems to more or less runs on the principles of reality television. Is there anything that doesn’t essentially boil down to reality television? People clearly, no matter where they are, simply want to sit in front of the TV, inhaling cans of frosting while watching other people kill each other. That seems to be more or less where we are…as a species. [source]

A German woman, concerned for her 17 year old son who was planning to rob a jewelry store, decided to drive him to the store so he wouldn’t get hurt. If the essence of her concern was a motherly one – in the sense that as a mother she had great concern for her son – it’s interesting that she never considered what would happen to her other kids if she went to jail. Which she now is, for three years. This was no white trash 19 year old ho either, she was 36. [source]

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