Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Following on from his drunken appearance on The in…this one:

where Limoncello appeared to be a real influence on his speech patters, Danny DeVito is now launching his own brand of Limoncello – produced and bottled on the Amalfi Coast, Italy. When you think about it, it’s a totally genius idea. Firstly, who on earth prepares for an appearance on The View by staying out all night with George Clooney drinking? Well, anyone would actually…yeah, that’s probably true. Regardless, he goes on The View, is drunk, is actually just hilarious and totally harmless. No one really outright complained that he was drunk although Rosie O’Donnell probably helped that by creating a distraction as she parlayed the incident into another calculated and mindless ratings grabber by inserting inadvertent racial slurs that real think-tanks like Michelle Malkin milked for all they were worth. The appearance clearly attracted attention and from that, it expanded into an all-out capitalist venture.

Because what is Danny DeVito really selling? First and foremost he’s selling cool. He went out and got drunk on the stuff with George Clooney. If that’s not classically cool then nothing is. Secondly, he’s selling the angst free experience of actually being drunk on ABC and not really being criticized for it at all. He managed to blubber on about the president while drunk and no one looked at all uncomfortable. After both of those he’s selling Limoncello. Limoncello made on the Amalfi Coast that’s probably more or less top notch as well. Danny DeVito, is there anything you can’t do besides bathe in public without inducing massed nausea? [source]

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