Monday, May 07, 2007

Not only is Lindsay Lohan, brace yourself in a way you haven’t braced before – as in, maybe go out and buy some new bracing devices now because this shit will bowl you over when you read it, NOT ONLY is Lindsay Lohan – GOD, get a cup of tea or SOMETHING – not only is she NOT sober post rehab (ok, that’s shock number one) but she’s also apparently attempting to medicate against the crippling, endlessly tormenting desperate crippling emptiness that cripples her on the inside (emotionally, in a crippling emotional way) that she’s blowing rails of coke and talking about how she enjoys having endless compulsive sex with people who might not want to eventually get married and someone caught it on film and then provided an account of what she’s like to the News of the World. From the looks of the pictures she’s hanging out with someone who is a dead ringer for Claire Danes circa My So Called Life but that’s neither here nor there… There’s nothing she can do to get out of this now! Well, maybe if she went to rehab again that would do it. That would probably cleanse it all away, yes. Entirely. Then she’d be back on track as they say.

Between Pete Doherty being unmasked as a drug taker all of a sudden and Lindsay Lohan being sprung on film doing enormous amounts of Bolivian marching powder despite going to rehab (but she SAID she went to rehab and was better!) it’s almost enough to make you rethink basing your life on the behaviour of celebrities. Isn’t it? We all have some re-evaluation to do now. Some tough re-evaluation. When you think about it, Lindsay Lohan included. After all, with friends like the one who anonymously filmed her and then explained everything to the News of the World no doubt taking home a huge check in return, who needs enemies?[source]

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