Monday, May 07, 2007

How can Paris Hilton be expected to pay attention to the rules when the people she pays to read her mail don’t tell her what the rules are?

Plus, she has to spend all her time fending off advances from police who are getting her attention by making up crap like that she's "drunk driving" or telling her she’s been booked for "speeding".

Gosh, it’s interesting to see the massive differences between what actually happened and what Ms. Hilton remembers happening. In much the same way as a paranoid psychopath rewrites reality – except in this case – replace “paranoid” with “narcissistic” and “psychopath” with “spoilt town bike”. In some bizarre and unexpected way - Paris Hilton remembers the experience of being booked as actually being admired by fans. How unexpected!

Kathy Hilton was (thankfully) quoted as saying "This is pathetic and disgusting, a waste of taxpayer money with this nonsense. It's a joke." - referring to the jail sentence .

Actually, putting Paris Hilton in jail is one of the most socially responsible things anyone in the public sphere has done in, well…it’s so damned long before something this right happened – it’s hard to even compare it to something.

Sadly of course, jail will – as we know – serve as a fundamentally harmless cocoon within which Hilton will incubate and re-form. She will emerge, in the manner of a phoenix, more powerful than ever before. With the rumored demise of Brad Pitt’s ass and the inevitable metamorphosis of Paris Hilton into a super-celebu-beast – living in a third world country that only has dial-up never seemed more palatable. [source] [source]

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