Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well well well, look what’s happened. The New York Post reports the rumour today that Candy Spelling may be getting her own gossip column and doesn’t it all just fall into place like over cooked meat falling off the bone and onto the serving platter? (The answer is “yes”). Why, only the other week I predicted that her unsolicited advice to people like Joe Francis, Paris Hilton and Larry Birkhead by way of TMZ was nothing more than a ploy for a gig and ultimately attention.

Sure, Old Mrs. Spelling might have been spurred on by the fact that her maternal instinct seems to have suddenly and unexpectedly defrosted with the birth of her grandson and, sort of like when you stop taking anti-depressants and all of a sudden you feel actual emotion again, it went into overdrive. That’s got to be part of it, but no one who has maneuvered their way into the position she’s in, in soulless Los Angeles no less, writes open letters to a gossip website without some scheme in mind.

She should stick with what she’s doing though; advice. Gossip doesn’t seem to befit a woman whose power is tied up in her matronly maternal appeal. She’s the contemporary, rich, Los Angeles based socialite Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served. Oh, no she’s not, I just wanted to put that in there. Anyway – I knew I was right on track about Candy Spelling. [source]

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