Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd
Microsoft has finally stepped up to the plate and filled a gaping chasm in the market that was crying out, yearning no less, for a way to insert a computer screen into lounge room living by inventing the Milan Coffee Table. The Milan is your average coffee table but it contains enough software to control the western economy, all workable from the computer screen top. So now, you can do all those things you didn’t get done at the office secretly while guests enjoy their cashews and beer and the children drink lemon flavoured soda and read old copies of National Geographic from 1974 while not speaking. [source]
A driver in Germany was casually driving their Volkswagon, the official car of the Third Reich, along the Strasse and wanted to park somewhere. Spotting a path that descended into the ground that focused and clear headed driver simply headed toward the path and drove straight down it – only then realizing that the descending path was in fact leading into the subway. Who are these people? [source]

As part of China’s PR push to seem pleasant and a “willing participant” in the “world”, China is cleaning up its act, shutting down filthy restaurants, installing expensive spittoons in cabs and hosting the Olympics and Expo. They’re now also hoping that the Great Wall will be voted into the list of “Wonders of the World”. Chinese officials are nervous that it won’t make it so they’re urging the Chinese people to support their campaign. And by urge, it’s assumed they mean “kidnapping family members in the middle of the night and cutting off food supplies until the general populace succumbs. [source]
A million dollar 18k gold bath tub that weighs 80kg (that’s 80 kg of stainless steel and gold in the shape of a bath tub) was stolen from a Japanese Hotel and the plice and hotel people have no idea who stole it. Sounds like the premise to another Oceans movie with Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and George Clooney. 100,000 people have apparently bathed in that bathtub and so consequently the movie would have to be about stealing that bath tub WITH all 100,000 people who have bathed in it, still inside. Who knows if they can do it. Guess we’d better watch to find out! [source]

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