Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lindsay Lohan captured on film doing blow in a bathroom that have flooded the Internet thanks to the News of the World prompted Dina Lohan to do what any good mother would do; red carpet interviews at the premiere of Lindsay Lohan’s new movie Georgia Rule – a gig obtained entirely through brokering her daughter’s star power.

Because, relentlessly enabling your kid is actually a remarkably responsible thing to do as a mother when you have a gorgon esque ego inside you that is never ever satisfied. Sure you’re kid’s an unhinged narcissist starlet who is heavily addicted to narcotics and attention but…what about…mama?

When is it her turn?

Doesn’t she get a dream for herself?

Also alarming is the fact that Dina Lohan is surrounded by a contingent of people who refer to her as the “White Oprah”. What exactly does that mean? That Dina Lohan is the white version of one of the most powerful and wealthy women in America?

Yes, ex-Radio City Rockette, Dina Lohan – whose entire meal ticket is her daughter IS the spitting image of media magnate Oprah Winfrey. Not only do people watch Dina on her show and read her magazine – oh! Oh, now wait a second. Dina Lohan doesn’t have a magazine or a TV show. In fact, are we even sure she can read?

Well, let’s give her the possibility that she and Oprah may be in the same height…range.

Its always exciting when people make comparisons between themselves and people like Oprah because it either indicates a frightening level of delusion or a frightening level of ambition. Hmmm, which could it be here? With a cavernous void of desperate emptiness in her soul and daughter she’s clearly interested in exploiting coupled with the memory of a failed career in showbiz – maybe it’s a delightful mix of the two. [source]

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