Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Whoever wrote the article here about Benedictine monks who are out to open up a franchise selling the jam like what you’d buy a fete or whatever, but with hilariously churchy names just honestly went overboard and need a good slap. Chain of Hellishly Good Food shops?! Because, they’re monks! Hilarious! Monks probably aren’t going to hell because of their crippling adherence to the Catholic faith so putting the word “Hellish” in there is quite cheeky, isn’t it? “Pear and apple "angelic jam", zesty lemon "unfaithful jam", and even cinnamon, raisin and apricot "prayer book jam"! Seems like the journalist writing the story isn’t the only cheeky one. Those monks might get a little too exuberant and need to be beaten back to emotional numbness too. Temper yourselves young jam making monks…no need to lose control. [source]

Who knows what kind of crazy ass law reform is going on in local government in South Korea but someone’s arrived to shake things up. Apparently, the government no longer provides awards for government employees who run up huge bar tabs. Must have been one of those light hearted office games designed to distract employees from the horrifying lack of point in their lives. Alright, so shocking paradigm shift aside, best part of this article is the mention of the boss who forced an employee to take part in a drinking game. Forced. The only thing missing is information about how the woman’s mother died of alcohol poisoning. If that were true, it would be a perfect example of quality comedy. [source]

After stabbing his own father to death a German man grabbed a chainsaw and sawed his own head off. Is it difficult to keep going all the way through after a certain point? Would you not choose something else that is more convenient? Or, maybe a rational approach was out of the question the moment he decided to kill his father and then cut off his own head. Yeah, efficiency probably wasn’t the first thing on his mind.[source]

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