Monday, May 21, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

An Indonesian Fisherman was out fishing and caught what was thought to be an extinct fish. It was believed to have died out 80 million years ago which means that science was wrong and therefore should never be trusted again. This fish could very well be the key to a Republican victory in the pending presidential election. [source]

A bride in India was about marry a man when she saw just how black her future husband would be and decided that it wasn’t going to work out. So, naturally, the husband sat outside her house and simply starved himself until she changed her mind and now they are to be married and will certainly live happily ever after. With a premise like that what could possibly go wrong? [source]

A sweating statue of Bhimsen in Nepal has locals sweating in anticipation of dreadful events to come and so people are naturally flocking to see it. They’re flocking TO what is supposed to be an omen of misfortune. Is it unfair to suggest that a sweating Hindu idol is the cultural equivalent of rubber necking on the New Jersey turnpike? Let’s all just make a trip to see it. If it doesn’t fill the pointless void within hell, maybe the misfortune won’t be over by the time we get there and we can take photos of the pure panic on the local faces. Good old religious superstition. [source]

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