Tuesday, May 01, 2007

From the Oprah Winfrey school of “Here’s an hour devoted to what’s in my purse” comes Ellen DeGeneres’ “I hurt my back so I’m going to lie in bed and interview celebrities on TV”. And at the core of it we can see there is an effort to really just work with what you’ve got to work with; in this case: back pain. Plus, also, as is the case with Oprah, it’s about a controlled gesture to lift the veil on the real Ellen DeGeneres and to integrate human aspects of her personality into her public persona.

While Ellen DeGeneres is geniunely brilliant and doing an interview from your bed is funny and silly it’s alarming the extent to which she goes to be seen as more or less asexual despite her earlier campaigns to be an out lesbian. Even when T R Knight (T R Knight is actually a really pretentious name, incidentally. Has it taken until now for that to be said? T R Knight. He’s not a lawyer. He’s an LA series actor. T R Knight... goodness) was on to talk about the Isaiah Washington “Faggot” pointing unpleasantness and he repeatedly told her that her decision to be out was inspiring and each time she wouldn’t budge and inch.

What’s the lesson we learn? Back pain is funny. Lesbian is not funny. It’s a reality that is neither here nor there. [source]

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