Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Leave it to some bitchy Miami queens and their tranny friends to sit in the back of a Britney Spears concert and spit venom over how bad she actually is. Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone was quoted in the Post as saying, as he watched the show, that his sister would never go out on stage looking the way Britney does.

To which his entourage of local c-list queens who span the gender spectrum no doubt pursed their lips and nodded furiously looking at each other to ensure they all agree but always bringing their focus back to the only member of the Ciccone family they’re likely to be allowed near - being careful not to spill their cosmopolitans.

Yes, it just feels like people still drink cosmopolitans in Florida. But, you know what - thank GOD someone in Florida isn’t so culturally numbed by the tiresome tasteless flaunting of new money on Ocean Drive and strip mall blandness of everywhere else that they can actually see that Britney Spears is mildly off her game right now and they’re not afraid to say it.

Only the other day she performed in Orlando and more or less crawled out on stage chewing gum and flicking her 40 billion dollar hair extensions like she’s childless and 3 years younger than she actually is, mimed to a skipping backing CD she no doubt downloaded from Limewire on someone’s sidekick on the way to the venue and then fifteen minutes later walked off stage to go fill her gullet with whatever the hell cancer laden strip mall chain restaurant garbage passes for food in Orlando – and, $35 later (they mercifully reduced the price from what it was in San Diego for more or less the same thing) the clued in audience were cheering that she was brilliant. Wow, what a soul crushing bargain that concert turned out to be.

So, in short, while it’s a bit eye roll worthy that Christopher Ciccone had to remind everyone that he’s related to Madonna, he’s still one step ahead of Britney in the sincerity stakes and what the hell has he ever actually done? [source]