Thursday, May 31, 2007

With an album on the way and a single out, well, look it’s time for another internally upsetting dose of the entirely predictable attention whore, Marilyn Manson. We already had the music video where he’s apparently having sex with his yelping teenaged fill in since Dita von Tees and he divorced. Then we had the carefully placed Page Six item which stated that, aside from divorcing his wife and shacking up with a younger version of her, recording an album, making a music video and any other time he left the house, Manson had been so depressed over the last year he hasn’t left the house.

So, what’s to do when you’ve got an album to promote to a demographic of 14 year olds who fancy themselves as depressed, rebellious misfits? Well, you survey the pop cultural landscape, identify the figure getting the most attention and then lay into it, thus attaching yourself to the proverbial bandwagon.

Cue Manson’s latest reactionary ego massage:

Who was shooting this and who made the final decision which suggested it was done? What the fuck is it anyway?

“Oh, yeah…I think we really got to the place we were aiming for with that Marilyn. You really hit the nail on the head with it. Good work. You’re so focused right now…wow…are you working out?”

And yes, obviously posting about this enables him, obviously. [source]

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