Friday, May 11, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A poor old, dead, rotting German man was finally found dead in bed after seven years of being dead. And rotting. Apart from what this indicates about the crippling loneliness that must have plagued him while alive coupled with the screaming silence that is German society’s indifference to him specifically, perhaps everyone should look on the bright side rather than endlessly look for ways to say mean, dark things. He’s probably more sexually popular now than ever before. [source]

A remote control sex toy that has come out of the UK cannot be used in Cyprus because the exact radio frequency it uses is the same as the military there. Meanwhile, the great thing about this is that the manufacturer simply put a warning on the box: Deceptively powerful matt silver love egg. Not for use in Cyprus. So, sadly, if you need a matte finish love egg in Cyprus this ISN’T the one you should buy. For everyone else, thank goodness for disclaimers. Still, it’s a real dream come true for anyone with a sexual fetish for S and M on a global scale. Get off in the supply cupboard safe in the knowledge that not only could you be caught but that while you’re doing it the entire nation could be attacked with no defense. [source]

A campaign in Japan that extolled the virtues of breast feeding and singing lullabies to newborn children has been scrapped because those two things are considered “beyond intrusive”. The campaign was to include introducing the idea of taking control over the amount of TV kids watch and what they watch as well. It really depends on what lullabies are being sung though. Because if you opt to don a Brunhilde helmet and blast arias from the Ring Cycle at full volume towards sleepy children it might be just what they need to get to sleep so really, what we learn here is it’s really a case by case thing. [source]

Not a LOT of prior planning or, indeed, rational thought went into a robbery that occurred at about 4am in Inwood, West Virginia. When a man wearing blue women’s panties on his head, brandishing a small cigarette lighter in the shape of a gun (just to back up his insistence of being the one in charge at the moment of robbery) walked into a convenience store and demanded money – he wasn’t taken seriously. It’s truly astounding that that could BE the case but it really is in fact true. You know, maybe the robbery was more about mis-directed sexual fetishism than money. Maybe he just wanted people to get to know the real him. Namely: a man interested in wearing women’s underwear on his head with a penchant for tiny, novelty lighters. We can all relate to that right? [source]

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