Monday, December 10, 2007

The Daily News reports that an interview in Men's Journal quotes Jack Nicholson claiming that he has probably slept with 9000 women. Considering he apparently has no saliva glands, that is a really charming thought. Well, both ideas put together are charming and also soothing. It’s soothing to think of Jack Nicholson tearing through 9000 women in a sexual manner with no saliva glands.

Well, the saliva issue is something that was reported of late, so really only about 200 of the women he’s torn through would have had the old Nicholson Full Body Exfoliation Tongue treatment.
Actually, the whole article is just about all the weird things Jack Nicholson does. It’s not a bad piece in that respect because all the things they list are so random and he’s such a freaking weird guy. For example:
Nicholson says he wears sunglasses to avoid flashbulbs. He never buys his own and chucks out most of the ones fans send him. "I don't like anything riding too high above the eyebrow, anything too large," he said. "Makes me look like a weirdo."
Oops, too late. He kind of already is a weirdo.

"I'm not a very Zen guy," he said. "I've laid in sand traps and cried, and hurled clubs in lakes."
Ok great. I’m glad I know that.

Jack Nicholson is sort of an American enigma so I guess that’s why the originaly article this material is taken from in Men's Journal is viable. A while back, the New York Times ran a piece entirely focused on the fact that Jack Nicholson doesn’t actually do anything when he acts and that he’s really just phoning it in now. It was sort of angry, like we were being ripped off. AS though he owed us something. Sincerity maybe. [source]

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