Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The New York Post reports that Madonna was doing a yoga class at the Reebok Sports Club on Columbus Avenue and she started talking to the teacher who replied by saying that they don’t talk in yoga class.

So, Madonna apparently went all zen dragon lady and said:

"I need to speak to you (the teacher)," and then said to the class, "I want you all to leave."

So they all apparently left and she started doing yoga by herself in the room.
Frankly this is the lamest story ever. I simply don’t believe this course of events makes any real sense. She stopped a class and asked everyone to leave and then just did yoga by herself? What the hell was she doing in a class anyway? Wouldn’t she just get a private teacher? Plenty of rich people do that; they get a yoga teacher to arrive at their home of office and then save time and the unpleasantness of having to not talk during class.

PLUS – and this is the real problem with this story – there is no WAY that out of 25 New Yorkers who live on the Upper West Side that do yoga on a Saturday morning, not one of them told Madonna to shut the hell up. No. Way. In. Hell. Maybe 20 of them kept quiet and shivered in the corner but there’s always one New Yorker who cracks under the stress of an incident and lashes out. Even Madonna would have been no match for a riled Upper West Side dwelling hard assed New York Yoga student. Those type are an unharnessed weapon.

This story is total bullshit. It’s top quality work but it’s bullshit. [source]

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