Monday, December 31, 2007

Gatecrasher in the New York Daily News reports that Mary Louise Parker was apparently overheard talking about how someone in the cast of “Weeds” lacks talent and has a sense of entitlement. Clearly, the implication here is that it’s Mary Kate Olsen but I would like to interject and stop that unfair rumour dead in its tracks.

Sure MKO looks like she’s headed towards being the contemporary equivalent of the daughter or mother from Grey Gardens (of both rolled into one enchanting package), sure she and her sister inspired an entire hate filled campaign from PETA, sure she wrote an astonishingly vague and pointless editorial for the New York Times about how she once borrowed a Chanel handbag from her sister but then never returned it. These things are all true and they are all punishable by a future of enforced irrelevance; something both girls essentially deserve.

HOWEVER, when she played the essentially likeable but delusional Christian pot smoker on Weeds it was probably her best work to date. I mean, it was basically just her real personality but with a few decorative character elements surrounding it to make her seem more self aware than she really is but she didn’t forget her lines and it actually seemed like they shot large portions of dialogue in one go.

This is how slow it is today. I’m defending an Olsen Twin’s ability to act. Plus, the basis for this is so meager anyway because it’s a gossip item about one statement from Mary Louise Parker that could be about anyone. I mean, who knows, maybe she was talking about the jaw droppingly hot Hunter Parrish. In fact, just mentioning him here means I can justify putting up a picture of him and MKO even though he’s only a marginal component of this post. Maybe his hot entitled ass is a pain to deal with. Those hot teenaged boy actors who know they’re hot always need to be slapped about a bit. Really slapped. It’s so slow today. No one is about generating fodder so this post is really just a metanarrative on what it is. I’m so self indulgent. [source]

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