Monday, December 10, 2007

Uber eligible bachelor Pete Doherty was punched in the face in London by a man yelling at his for buying his drugs from someone else. I mean, allegedly, because the man yelled:

"Don't f*** with me, when you get your gear, you get it here."

Then he hit Doherty in the face in front of a bunch of people.

So, it’s assumed that Pete Doherty buys drugs but in this instance that was only implied. I mean, how can we possibly be sure? Someone who would hit another person in a bar can’t quite be all there. For all we really know, Pete Doherty is a model citizen. I would base my life on it.

What IS interesting is that after all the crap things Pete Doherty has done, including cheat on Kate Moss and get kittens addicted to crack, he’s been let off by the police and British legal system so many times and justice was finally served by a gutter dwelling sociopath. Oh well. The universe is weird like that. [source]

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