Thursday, December 13, 2007

The New York Post reports that the feeling about the new Sex and the City Movie is that it will be SO extraordinarily good that two sequels are entirely possible. That’s great and all but what the hell could this movie really cover that the series didn’t AND what could TWO OTHER movies cover?

Movies that come out of TV shows are almost always one long episode and I will believe this show is different when I see it.
What will be good to see with this is if Kim Cattrall exhibits the same level of scrutiny to the quality of the scripts for these sequels as she did with the first one. After all, if you look at her career in movies and TV she’s got a terribly keen eye for quality. There was that 2002 masterpiece, “Crossroads” with Mademoiselle Spears and of course, who can forget 1987’s “Mannequin”? Certainly not me. In fact, it’s becoming a problem. I lay awake at night, plagued by night terrors thinking about Kim Cattrall in “Mannequin”. l'orrore รจ inesorabile. [source]

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hanyaay said...

oh goody gumdrops, another TWO occasions for every single suburbanite woman in the world to start prattling on about how they and their single friends are all "just like those girls" and then go into extraordinary detail about how they are just like carrie, overlooking any glaringly obvious contradictions.
I don't know that life would be complete without women who have a totally contrived and ridiculous notion of what their ideal partner is, because they are looking for an incredibly rich arsehole who will turn into a loving and sensitive type just in time for a fairytale wedding, so that they can forget what a complete and utter reprobate he was up until that point. Super-dooper.