Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The New York Post reports that there was a dinner for the Spanish Institute Gold Medal Gala and a whole lot of top notch people were there. Bill Clinton was seated next to Anna Wintour and the Queen of Spain who was seated next to Oscar de la Renta who sat next to Penelope Cruz. Incidentally, if we could just lock the five of them in a house it would be a really interesting but probably exhaustively high maintenance reality show full of intrigue and demands.

So, the whole thing was that Bill Clinton swapped seats with Oscar de la Renta so he could talk to Penelope Cruz which essentially meant that he snubbed Anna Wintour. Anna Wintour’s bruised ego and her therefore dangerous temperament aside, it seems sort of understandable that Clinton would do that. After all, what would you really talk to her about all night?

“Ok, alright, so …yeah…um…what is your….um….dress made out of?”


“Right…ok, that’s …ah…that sounds expensive.”


“Great…gee, is there a waiter anywhere? Can I get a freakin beer?”

Bill Clinton may have saved his own ass when he moved seats but he may also very well be to blame if someone interning at Conde Nast ends up in small pieces and thrown out a window any time today. [source]

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