Tuesday, December 04, 2007

So basically, there’s not a whole lot going on today apart from dumb ass giggling Sherri Shepherd again saying stupid things on television because it’s more convenient for her to block out reality and be a Christian than it is to not:

God, she’s a freaking moron. I knew her whole assertion about the world being flat wasn’t a mistake. She said once she didn’t know if the world was round or not because she hadn’t thought about it having been distracted from pondering the universe by the fact that she constantly worried about putting food on the table for her son. Then the next day she came in and asserted that she was just overwhelmed or something. Yeah, overwhelmed because suddenly she was being introduced to the notion of rational thought and her synapses exploded.

Actually, here’s that video clip too:

Ok, now it makes sense that she’s on The View. The Relentlessly Smiling Good Natured Idiot Factor must be a lucrative ratings earner.

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