Friday, December 07, 2007

All of a sudden the gossip blogs are writing up the newspaper gossip column news from a couple of days ago which is that Randy Jones from the Village People once saw Kathy and Rick Hilton doing a rock of cocaine off the floor of Studio 54 sometime back in the 70s. They were that desperate and base. Gatecrasher at the Daily News seems to have fabricated or perhaps not fabricated – who knows – a date discrepancy in his report so Ben can claim that he wasn’t propagating the story and not anger anyone unnecessarily.

Gatecrasher reports:
But the Hiltons suggest Jones might not have the clearest memory of the '70s. "Never happened," Rick said yesterday, adding that the couple didn't move to the city until 1979.

But who really cares what date it was; as if they DIDN’T do that at some point and even if they didn’t I am pretty ok with still believing it. I mean, the Hiltons scrambling for free crap? If I were ten years old I would have thought they’d practically invented the notion of entitlement.

The weird part about this is that I actually went out with Randy Jones last night and to see all the blogs talking about this story – which incidentally he told to me directly on D List Radio about 12 months ago and the segment is on my radio showreel – is kind of bizarre.
We went to Joe Allen’s and Anne Meara walked up to Jo-Anne Worley and said, “You old cunt.” They then verbally abused each other like top quality showbiz broads. As in, it was their way of being nice. Then I was almost completely ignored by Rex Reed. [source]

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