Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Pantone, a company which is apparently an authority in color, has announced that the color for 2008 will be blue iris, or No. 18-3943. The color for 2007 was chili pepper red, as of course we all knew. And look, it was a contentious race too. “I think green is being abused to death,” said Regis Pean, creative director of Studio Red. “I’m thrilled,” Terron Schaefer, senior vice president of marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue, said of the blue news. I personally have burnt my apartment to the ground and have already beguin work reconstructing it out of old Yves Klein scultures I had lying around in storage. I seem to have begun not a minute too soon. [source]

About 5 hours ago (as of 3:21pm) Queen Elizabeth II became the oldest reigning monarch in British History. I don’t really find that surprising though seeing as she probably has access to the finest healthcare and services instantly. For example, if her hip hurts one day she can ring a small bell and when she wakes up the next morning a new hip will have been installed as she slept. Despite that, I have clear and obvious concern for her teeth. The Queen Mother looked like she wore false teeth made of wood. I expect better from Queen Elizabeth II. I will be poised with a pen and paper at all times from now on ready to complain if necessary. [source]

So, it turns out that Ingrid Rivera, the Miss Puerto Rico beauty pageant winner who claimed to have had her gown sabotaged with pepper spray prior to walking on stage and winning the competition while smiling actually did have pepper spray put all through her clothes. She wasn’t lying. I still think she probably did it. Those beauty pageant queens know they need to do more than win if they want to get somewhere after all that pain and suffering they go through to actually just win. They have to up the ante so they leak photos of themselves and the poison their clothes. She’ll probably get a cosmetics line contract just because she kept smiling. That’s what Western Culture is based on. [source]

Thieves broke into Sao Paulo's leading art museum early on Thursday and stole two oil paintings, the museum said, including Picasso's 1904 "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch" that could be worth about $50 million (25.2 million pounds) and Brazilian painter Candido Portinari's 1939 "The Coffee Worker". I’ve always wondered what these people think they’re getting away with. I mean, sure it’s worth 50 million but how could you sell it? You could say you just found it and you thought maybe it was a print I guess. Oh, wait – freakish dictators buy art like this. Yeah, that’s right. But you know, to be able to steal something from a museum these days takes guts, determination and real know how so I think kudos must go to the thieves for actually getting away with it. [source]

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