Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not surprisingly, Michael Lohan was actually playing the role of Joseph, the (step) father of Christ in a Nativity Scene set up in Times Square yesterday, Page Six is reporting.
The father of Christ is essentially the role he was born to play and in a business sense, he has been living the role since Lindsay Lohan was born so kudos must go to the people who cast that scene. Well, he’s been living the role since he and Dina Lohan discovered she was good at earning them money.

Actually, to be fair, Michael Lohan has been unusually quiet of late – I guess probably because Lindsay Lohan has just been drying up and speed dating moochers – nothing too crazy so there was no real opportunity for him to sound off about parenting techniques in the media.

It seems likely that the lack of attention was getting to him though so he just looked inside his soul and came up with an idea to let out who he really feels he is. And what with his angle as the reformed Christian of the two parents (as opposed to the wife’s angle which is really just that of a failed, non-Rockette Mama Rose) playing the father of Christ seemed like the natural next step.

Half of that paragraph felt like it was something he would actually say in an interview.
“Well, I gave birth to a miracle child who has keep me in furs despite my jail time and totally unemployable personality so playing the father of Christ was a natural step for me…”
When you couple Michael Lohan as Joseph with the American Museum of Natural History’s recent event to celebrate the birthday of a small German polar bear – it’s virtually impossible to argue that Manhattan is completely dull. [source]

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