Monday, December 17, 2007

Pamela Anderson is divorcing her husband of 72 days, Rick Salomon according to and it still is kind of shocking.

I really think that most of the time Pam Anderson has a really good grip on reality. She’s totally aware of how completely ludicrous everything is and she knows her entire career is based on her breasts – she talks about it all the time. That’s why it’s weird that she would marry some freakin’ pimp and then divorce him minutes later.

I mean, what the hell happened during the past say, 80 days that meant that she really needed to marry him and then, weeks later, having seriously sat and thought about her future and the kinds of decisions she’s been making of late, completely disconnect from him? On can only assume Pam Anderson has been doing some real soul searching and is getting in touch with her deeper self. Maybe Rick Salomon doesn’t wear underwear or deodorant. Yeah, that’s probably it. What kind of an example is he setting for her kids; stinking up the car all the time.

Actually, maybe it was just a business arrangement. In the sense that Anderson sells her breasts she’s kind of a whore and in fact, I seem to remember Ruby Wax stating that she felt Anderson was one of the most clued in celebrities she’d ever interviewed because when Wax asked Anderson what she wanted to be, Anderson replied “A big ho”. And if you really examine her body of work it’s clear that everything screams mission effectively accomplished.

Salomon, whose one real claim to fame was his decision to hawk the sex tape he made of himself and Paris Hilton is, in essence a pimp. Sounds like the perfect arrangement. The Pimp and the Ho.

Boy, it’s a sad day in Hollywood when even pimps and hos can’t keep it together. [source]

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