Friday, December 14, 2007

Apparently David Hassellhoff has relapsed into alcoholism and had to check into Cedars Sinai Hospital for alcohol poisoning and the first thing that seriously came to mind when I read that was “Ok, what is he in right now, what is he promoting?”

Last time this happened it seemed so completely contrived. The video tape of him drunk being filmed by his essentially unemotional kid as he attempted to shovel a hamburger into his face was leaked at exactly the same time that he was on a bunch of shows that desperately needed promoting – not to mention his flailing career AND it was immediately revealed that the short movie was actually shot 3 months before and that he had been completely rehabilitated since then.

A source told the National Enquirer that “David was a total mess. He’d urinated on himself. He was drooling and slurring so badly you couldn’t understand a word he said."

And the thing is, if he did that convincingly as an actor in a movie he might have some substance to his career and therefore wouldn’t be so desperate and forced to be so fake happy and plastic all the time. It’s all so intriguing how it works. It’s like a cycle of horror. A cycle of sparkling, vomit fueled, urine soaked horror. [source]

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