Friday, December 14, 2007

The New York Daily News reports that all the other members of Fall Out Boy, because there actually are some besides the irritatingly hot Pete Wentz, are blaming Ashlee Simpson for the fact that they didn’t get any Grammy nominations this year. They’re saying that anything she touches “turns to poison” and they “wish she’d stop touching Pete”. I actually think that this has got to have been brewing for a while now.

There’s no way a hyper styled emo band could possibly be ok with their most valuable member hanging out with a plastic, generic Barbie doll air head. I mean, if he were dating say, a 23 year old Courtney Love and they got into fights and were seen covered in blood walking out of hotels then fine but Simpson? I mean, if you want to have edge you have to stick with edge. Amy Winehouse is a perfect example of that. She’s dating a manipulative mooching idiot whose last name is paradoxically “Civil”. It works perfectly.

The Simpson family brand are plastic, Republican American showbiz fluff. Fall Out Boy could go either way in terms of fluff with all their corporately sponsored tours and high production values and contrived grunge. Simpson’s plastic nose and insincere smile drag them way into the field of cutesy, fake pop and it sucks out their souls.

Or what’s left of them.

But then, for Fall Out Boy to have a Yoko Ono could rally opinions and attention where there may have previously been none so whatever. Keep her or throw her out – either way works. And frankly, this subject seems to be Ashlee’s only real hope of press at the moment. I’m actually having trouble with the fact that Rumer Willis dated Pete Wentz. That actually hurts. [source]

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