Monday, December 03, 2007

Just a few days after she decided to reincarnate a publicity mustering feud with Courtney Love about who gave her son oxycontin to which he later became addicted, Sharon Osbourne was hosting a charity event for World AIDS Day in the UK and she decided to throw a ring worth thirty thousand pounds into the audience as a gift to them seeing as she was “having such a good time”.

If you were hosting a big charity event, and you decided to give away something you own wouldn’t you give the thirty thousand pounds worth of diamonds to the actual charity? I mean, she can do what she wants but this seems kind of mindless.

Still, there’s nothing greater than reader comments from suburban English people when it comes to celebrity behavior so here is the best reaction to the original news story from the UK’s Daily News People who write in to newspapers are either elderly, infirm or insane – I think that’s a well understood reality:

I love Sharon and every thing that she does and I know she does so much for charity, but isn't this going to far?I mean with that ring she could have bought new equipment for hospitals, given more funding to childline, etc But by doing this, as kind hearted as it was, its a waste of £30,000, dont you think?What is to stop the person who caught it from wearing it and not giving anything to charity, or worse yet, selling it for ill gains. drugs, etc.

Yes, if you’re in the front row of an AIDS charity concert hosted by celebrities it’s more than likely that you’re a well developed, heavily addicted heroin addict. Those tickets go to just about anyone.

The lack of charitable society out there makes me wonder,

* whether Sharons in touch with reality – good question. Good question and also a clear and unvague one.

* If this was just a silly publicity stunt – What?! A satellite celebrity?! Do something for attention?! NO! Stop it! STOP THE LIES!

* Or if the ring was really a fake and she knows that it isnt worth all that much.

Who Knows, other than Sharon herself, but what I do know is that Sharon is a wonderful person, she rocks out loud AND she's...."Fabulous Darling"

Keep it up Mrs 'O'

What? No invitation to Sharon Osbourne for tea at the reader's house?

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