Monday, December 17, 2007

Tara Reid apparently fell over in Bali and that warranted a write up on The report also adds that she is looking thinner than usual.

Actually, Tara Reid has been getting some great press recently what with her hosting the Hooker’s Ball in the cultural mecca that is Darwin, Australia, the fact that everyone knew she was trying to whore herself out as a Hollywood A-Lister to other events in Australia for $35K an appearance but no one would bite at that price so she lowered her price by 90% and now she’s falling over in Bali. Plus, this isn’t the first time she’s fallen over either. She’s fallen at all sorts of events all over the world.

At this rate, with this kind of top quality visibility, there’s no way she won’t be back in the game as a top notch leading comedic actress in no time. There’s something clean and focused about Tara Reid that makes me feel confident about her future and in fact, the future of cinema and western culture. I see no reason why her travel series "Taradise" shouldn't be on TV again. Also, no news on weather her digestive system has passed the wreckage that seems stuck just beneath the skin of her stomach though. [source]

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