Thursday, December 13, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

So, some scientists in South Korea have just figured out how to make cats glow in the dark and the implications of this research and discovery are vast when you’re talking about genetic manipulation for humans etc. Stand by for glow in the dark kim chi and "pork" dumplings. Oh, I kid. My main area of interest in this is getting rid of all these hyper color t shirts I still have from the mid nineties. Actually, I had some hyper color underwear too. My theory is that when the glow in the dark cats start getting made into coats on the streets in China, everyone will be excited about glow in the dark clothes again and that could flow on to clothes that change color with heat. I guess it’s a long shot but I sure hope so. I’ve been waiting and waiting and this might be my chance. [source]

A couple of Chinese marathon runners were just fined by the Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) for wearing numbers that weren’t pinned on adequately and therefore didn’t display the logo of some specific sponsors. They were fined 10,000 yuan. “It not only obscured his number and the (sponsor's) trademark, it also exposed another sponsor," the China Youth Daily newspaper said. I would suggest that on average, the runners themselves are focusing – probably entirely – on the marathon they are running rather than the state of their number labels. Just a guess. Is it too much to suggest that at the rate they’re going preparing for the Olympics, in six months they’ll be sacrificing children if various officials don’t comply with rules and floss their teeth, for example, at the right time? I would suggest that I am most certainly NOT over reacting. Thank you. [source]

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