Friday, December 07, 2007

Just when you think nothing is happening, Britney Spears threatens to release a lesbian sex video of Paris Hilton by sending her a letter. A source says, "The letter warns Paris that if she continues being rude to people, the footage will be leaked online."

And good on Britney Spears for coming up with a threat that’s so clearly thought out and specific. Actually, good on her for coming up with something in general. As in, something to do. Now she’s got herself a little task and she can fixate and set about achieving her goals.

Not surprisingly, Paris Hilton responded to the threat by saying that it was “crap”. And even if it isn’t, what does she care? Her career is based on a sex tape and her coke scrambling parents will probably congratulate her if it’s true for cornering a new market, lesbian porn. Then they’ll be able to get the imported tiles for the spa.

It’s interesting how generic you feel when you type the words “Britney Spears”, “Paris Hilton”, “Leaked”, and “Lesbian Sex Video”. [source]

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