Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ok so while good natured idiot Sherri Shepherd won’t ever be as good at creating controversy on The View as Rosie O’Donnell was, she’s actually a semi-good reason to watch it now. In the clip above she is engaging in dialogue about whether boys should be allowed to play around with dolls and wear dress costumes when they’re at pre-school. Basically, she comes across as an essentially confused but well meaning woman who is out of her depth in terms of arguments but that is accessible to most people who watch the show so who cares? She rattles off the line about accepting her son if he were gay and loving him unconditionally but then damns everything else about behavior that could be considered even mildly subversive in the most inconsistent way.

Besides, it would only be considered subversive for a boy to put on a sparkly dress in the dress up corner at pre-school if you’re an ill-educated bogan anyway.
Social dialogue has hammered the phrase “I love my gay son” into the public consciousness and people will now say that but they won’t say “I love my dress wearing son” yet.

When Rosie’s statements on The View that got the most press were either calculated attacks on an equally profiting game player Donald Trump or they were essentially well researched political observations with a showbiz angle that made them reaction provoking. Sherri Shepherd on the other hand really seems as though she barely considers what she is saying until after it comes out of her mouth. But it gets her press so, who knows? Maybe she’ll get her own radio show.

Shepherd is funny when she does the physical comedy routines but anything else is eye-roll inducingly pathetic. But still, the hard fact remains, she probably represents the intelligence level of a chunk of the demographic for that show so she’s actually a good choice. It’s the annoyance factor. The annoyance factor always profits.

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