Wednesday, December 19, 2007

16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears is actually pregnant with her boyfriend Casey Aldridge’s kid and everyone is shocked. Why people are shocked is beyond me; shot gun wedding culture is a family tradition so teenaged pregnancy naturally forms part of that legacy. Spears confirmed that she was with child to OK! Magazine in an interview that hits news stands today.

I would have thought that the last thing you would do at 16 while you’re on a kid’s TV show and you’re a minor celebrity by proxy is go to the press with your “I’m pregnant” story. It pretty much alienates Jamie Lynn from fans of the show “Zoey 101” and it totally lumps her in with the pop wreck sister where she was previously the good, innocent and more marketable – or at least less slothful and unhinged - of the two sisters. Even Alli Sims knew not to invoke the name of Britney when she launched her website and stab at a music career despite the fact that she was almost entirely just riding the fame she’d achieved by standing next to Britney and picking up her garbage as an assistant.
But still, at least Jamie Lynn Spears won’t be able to go down the same psychotically focused path that Britney went down in her quest for fame and marketability. The path that eventually turned her into this decade’s female Michael Jackson. She will never be able to be the one dimensional pop princess her sister was if she has a kid. Maybe she’ll be a white, Republican version of Fantasia Barrino. She could turn up to rehearsals and filming with kids on her hips and a cig hanging out of her mouth but still wearing the high school cheerleader outfit and lipgloss. At 19. That’s unfair to Barrino. I’m still fighting the urge to call Jamie Lynn Spears a whore. I mean, that would be unfair too. [source]

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