Monday, December 10, 2007

The New York Post reports that Ellen Degeneres is now getting stuck into some damage control work after she famously got rid of Iggy, a little dog she adopted, and then cried for days on television saying she couldn’t even fake being happy. She’s working with former Meow Mix owner Richard Thompson to help fix up animal shelters all over the country.

Ellen really is actually a lot weirder than she seems I think. During the day on TV she does her cute little dancing thing, she cracks cute jokes and she talks to interesting people. But, underneath the inoffensive cuteness is a whole lot of other crap.

For one, she dated Anne Heche who is insane. So, there’s that. Also, she came out of the closet but now performs her show each day as this strangely asexual character who not only doesn’t talk about how she is a lesbian, but she also stonewalled T R Knight when he repeatedly tried to thank her for coming out as a lesbian during the Isaiah Washington scandal. She just didn’t want to acknowledge her own lesbianness when he was talking about being gay – who knows why? The fact that she came out is feasibly one of the main reasons she actually has a career now.
She crossed a writer’s picket line in Los Angeles because, according to inside sources quoted in the Post, she feels like The Ellen Show is her last shot at a career.

It would be interesting to actually know how she organizes it all in her head. She comes across as pleasant and together. Essentially together. But there's a seething, complex sea of churning bizarreness beneath those sneakers and that quicky kick based dance routine. [source]

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