Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rush and Molloy are reporting that Ryan Gosling was seen hugging and exchanging numbers with Hayden Panettiere in LA which leads me to immediately assume that they are trying to be the next Beckham power polarity couple.

Ryan Gosling is extremely talented, humanly good looking and comes across as an actual actor and not just because he wasn’t afraid to get fat to get a part in a film. I just watched Half Nelson and he was kick ass. Hayden Panettiere on the other hand is a fame hungry, relentlessly perky little pop princess wannabe who is hell bent on reining in the desperation and any facial evidence of her starving soul at all times to ensure maximum marketability in America. Apart , of course, from the time she lashed out to maul a journalist at the Emmys because he got in the way of her master plan by writing something mean about her.

If Panettiere and Gosling can just join forces perhaps they can recreate the business model pioneered by the Beckhams; all talent and goodness in one person and all need and classless tunascence in another. They cancel each other out and become an unbeatable publicity machine. [source]

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