Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

63% of Australian respondents of a survey about obese people and airline travel think that fat people should be made to buy more than one seat when they travel so they don’t take up other people’s space. They’re talking about clinically obese people not just your average porcine overeater. I mean, people who really test the boundaries of their own skin. Actually, to be fair they didn’t clarify what constitutes too fat. Essentially though, it would be amazing to be in the customer service training for a course that teaches new employees how to tell a morbidly obese matron that she has to buy two seats because she’s too large to fit in one. “Right, everyone, now if the customer starts to cry just wait until they’re finished to ask for the credit card information.” [source]

As Beijing gets ready for the 2008 Olympics, hotels in the Olympic city are pushing their rates higher than high but apparently it doesn’t mean that you actually should actually expect to pay ten times the normal price – which is about what most of the hotels are asking. Apparently the idea is that you’re meant to haggle with the hotel for a room and also, inflating prices is a strange defense mechanism that Chinese businesses often employ. Beijing’s Olympics are flat out going to be the most insane, frenetic, stressful and angsty freakshow ever. The Chinese will be acting like it’s all world class but everything will be going wrong and people will get sick and robbed every minute. It’s going to be the biggest world class city version of Fawlty Towers ever. I’m so excited. [source]

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