Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A bunch of nuns in a Greek Orthodox church in Athens were asked by a couple of shifty eyed crooks if they could plant a garden and when the nuns said yes, they planted marijuana in the back yard. So, now the police are after the crooks. This sounds just like the plot to that amazing movie “Nuns on the Run” which starred Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle back in the early nineties. Except it’s real. My guess is that actually the nuns are behind it and now Mother Superior has tied those two nuns to a chair and she’s interrogating them and also she’s making them feel bad for failing her. And God. They have failed God. The crooks are really just two scape goats. Nuns are even more shrewd at underworld activity than beauty pageant contestants. [source]

Good old Catholics. I never get tired of saying that. The Catholic Church decided to make a little money by saying that everyone had to have a card with a saint on it to help them get into heaven and it worked pretty well. Now, seeing as times change and the kids like their new fangled mobile phones rather than simple little cards, the Catholic Church adapts and you can get pics of your favorite saint on your mobile phone and for a little extra the phone company will send you a prayer. If you don’t want to pay, however, you get fuck all. Damn you. Pay or go to HELL. Yay! [source]

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