Monday, December 03, 2007

Britney turned 26 on the weekend and she got a whole lot of leather and furs and jewels and sunglasses as you’d expect. Although, it doesn’t explain who gave her the gifts; only that her poor ass mooching friends Alli Sims and Sam Lufti were there so who knows where they got the money to buy them.
Wait, actually, they probably got them free by saying they were for Britney. “It’s actually for Britney Spears” is a really useful phrase if you’re a little broke and you are ever seen with her in public. Sam Lufti buying Britney a birthday present is sort of the equivalent of Loni Anderson buying Burt Reynolds a small African nation for his birthday. He’s got to be appreciative on the outside but deep down, he knows where it came from and he’s anxiously revising his plastic surgery wishlist to incorporate the cost.

Anyway, kudos to her mooching friends for choosing a sensibly small chocolate cake for her even if they did use her celebrity clout to get her gifts.

Another great part of the article is the way they quote Sarah Ivens from OK! Magazine:

Editor-in-chief Sarah Ivens says that the pop princess seemed to be in a much better state that the last time the two were together; during a disastrous photo shoot that resulted in an unfortunate incident with Spear’s dog and a Zac Posen dress. “Britney looked slim and pretty,” Ivens says. “I just kept thinking how much better it was this time around than the last time we spent time with her. We really hope this birthday and her new age will be a turning point.”

Except that there’s no clear indication that she was even there. That’s not ever really a problem though. Especially when it comes to Brit. Estimations are all that is necessary. [source]

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