Friday, December 21, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Japan’s Science and Education minister Kisaburo Tokai has continued the discussion about UFOs by saying that he hopes they exist because "It would be fun if they existed." Which, for all intents and purposes, is true. The UFO question is tricky when you’re a politician. Dennis Kucinich was recently asked about them and even though he answered the question reasonably well he still came off looking like a conspiracy theorist crackpot – probably just for even going there. Yes, the concept of UFOs are more or less political box office poison. [source]

A ten year old kid who was raised by wolves and has the toenails to prove it escaped from a Moscow clinic one day after being rescued from the wild. Apparently, people are worried about his tendency to bite people because he is probably riddled with disease and he has very sharp teeth. It’s interesting how people sometimes get raised by wolves. Some woman was raised by wolves in India a while back. Why do wolves consistently find themselves raising children? Where am I? [source]

France is holding a week of celebrations to pay homage to what they’re referring to as “the Queen of Chickens”, the the poulet de Bresse. The poulet de Bresse has blue feet, white feathers and red plumage and you can only get them from specific breeders in France. Apparently the poulet de Bresse is the actual symbol of France. I had no idea that France was represented by a rooster/chicken. I mean, it’s really surprising to me that they’d allow themselves to be represented by the most common of all bird cuisine. But then, I remember once when my step sister decided that we would eat organic chickens for Christmas and it was this idea that struck me as so unimaginative that it was meant to be really chic. Maybe that’s the whole point here. The thing is, I love these food festivals. I went to the Monterey squid festival when I was like 9 and I never forgot it. [source]

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