Monday, December 24, 2007

Week #51 in Review

The sister of pop star Britney Spears, Nickelodian series actor Jamie Lynn Spears, 16 announced through OK! Magazine that she is pregnant with her boyfriend, 19 year old Casey Aldridge’s child. She and her mother signed an exclusivity deal with OK! magazine worth one million dollars in return for the first pictures of the baby once it is born. On the flip side, the release of Lynn Spears’ new book on being a parent to two showbiz children was postponed indefinitely. Speculation began about whether charges of statutory rape would be filed against Casey Aldridge seeing as Jamie Lynn Spears is under aged and speculation that the father of the child is in fact, rapper L’il Romeo also arose. Britney Spears was reported to be angry and resentful that she wasn’t told about her sister’s pregnancy before the press were and found out when a paparazzi photographer asked her how she felt about it while the cousin of the Spears girls, Alli Sims gave an interview to a German magazine explaining how she wanted to be the next Norah Jones and make a career based on her talent rather than her genetic proximity to Britney Spears.

Aspiring actress Tara Reid appeared to have visibly lost weight and fell over in Bali and it was rumoured that she was in hospital but those allegations were denied, while talking with comedienne Joan Rivers, talk show host Martha Stewart lamented on her show that real estate mogul Donald Trump’s brand of steaks were not actually made out of the filleted flesh of Donald Trump himself while, actress Joan Collins’s daughter was reported to be dating a man over a decade her junior – a trait that was pointed out to be very similar to that of her mother and ticket sales for the Spice Girls tour were reportedly not as high as had been anticipated.

Pop star Michael Jackson’s son accidentally hit him in the face causing the collagen in his lips to implode which meant that he needed to have emergency plastic surgery, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrence Owens, when referring to the presence of pop star Jessica Simpson at the last game the Cowboys played, a game which they lost, said, “Right now, Jessica is not a fan favorite – in this locker room or in Texas Stadium.”, supermodel Kate Moss hired a lawyer to ensure that her ex boyfriend, rocker Pete Doherty did not use private footage he had been offered one million dollars for by Britain’s ITV2 Network for a documentary about the relationship between Moss and Doherty entitled, “Kate and Pete: A Love Story”.

Publisher Larry Flynt spoke with Vanity Fair Magazine about the pending presidential election and was quoted as saying, “I don’t hate gays. But I don’t want to live in an apartment full of them. They’ll bitch and cry and all. That doesn’t bother Giuliani. It doesn’t bother Giuliani to put on a dress to do “Saturday Night Live”. I don’t trust him.”, British pop star Lily Allen announced she was pregnant with the baby of her boyfriend of three months, 37 year old Chemical Brothers member Ed Simons, and actress Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan appeared in Times Square, New York playing the part of Joseph in a recreation of the Nativity Scene for Christmas.

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale was required to drop out of a few scheduled appearances because she was having rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum, despite speculation that her waist and thighs are as wide as they are because she is pregnant, it was revealed that Love Hewitt’s waist size was simply natural and a size 2 and not because she was with child, film director John Singleton was busy finding a cast for his feature length remake of 80s TV series “The A Team”, and model Pamela Anderson announced that she was divorcing her husband of three months, Rick Salomon but then days later announced that they were attempting to work it out.

In numbers and records news, Reuters published its list of most memorable quotes from 2007 and included in that list was the phrase “Don’t Tase Me Bro” spoken by University of Florida student, Andrew Meyer when attending a speech given by Senator John Kerry and the phrase, “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country” which was spoken by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when addressing New York’s Columbia University, and American and Indonesian scientists who have been exploring the Foja Mountains of Papua New Guinea discovered a new breed of rat which weighs in at 5 times the weight of a typical city rat.

In the UK, a study conducted by the Unum Insurance Agency found that 1 in 5 British people who called in sick to work did so because of a hangover and Queen Elizabeth II became Britain’s oldest reigning monarch. In France, a week of celebration began to honor the national bird, the poulet de Bresse and Isabelle Dinoire, the first woman to receive a face transplant was reportedly happy with the way the operation turned out 18 months after initially going under the knife. In Italy a couple who named their child “Friday” were instructed that they were not allowed to have done so and were ordered to change the child’s name to Gregory as a court found their decision to be “shameful”.

A ten year old boy who was reportedly raised by wolves escaped a clinic in Moscow after being rescued from the wild a day before and in India a physics teacher was arrested for giving 22 students electric shocks from an exposed wire as punishment. Japan’s science and education minister, Kisaburo Tokai continued the debate in Japanese Parliament about whether UFOs exist when he said, “It would be fun if they existed”, and a 100 year old man named Masaru Hori was arrested after he drove his car into an umbrella held by a child.

A 33 year old woman on crutches was arrested on charges of disturbing the peace in Danbury Fair Mall, Connecticut when she groped a man playing Santa Claus, Ingrid Rivera and the winner of the Miss Puerto Rico beauty pageant contest who claimed that her dress and makeup had been sprayed with pepper spray prior to her winning the contest was revealed to have been telling the truth after a police investigation was conducted regarding her claims.

Drug dealers in Rio de Janeiro open fired on a helicopter carrying a man playing Santa Claus who was on his way to a poor village because they thought the helicopter was part of a police raid, thieves broke into Sao Paulo’s leading art museum and stole two paintings thought to be worth about 50 million dollars including one by Pablo Picasso and Pantone, the paint company declared the blue iris (No. 18-3943) is the color of 2008.

“I think green is being abused to death, “said Regis Pean, creative director of Studio Red while Terron Schaefer, senior vice president of marketing at Sakes Fifth Avenue was quoted as saying, “I’m thrilled.”

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