Thursday, December 06, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Professional attention seeker David Blaine is now planning on staying awake the longest anyone ever has. It’s his newest party trick. He has to sit in a chair while he does it. What a fascinating life he leads. He basically makes a living sitting in a chair and not sleeping and he also has to lose weight to do it. Ok, so what else is there to this story. Oh yeah, some kid did it for 11.5 days once for a school project and that means that Blaine now has to beat that. I can’t remember what else I was going to say except that, oh yeah, that’s right, he’s sort of like Criss Angel really. He’s this attention seeking kid who just pulls pranks and then everyone cheers and buys him a beer. That’s his career. Free beer. [source]

In preparation for the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese government has put the word out that it expects all taxi drivers in the city of Beijing to be spies with reference to drug use during the games. They should tip off police. It’s astonishing how even though it takes a lot of work, the Beijing Olympics are going to be a really stressful time for pretty much anyone who goes because there are so many rules. I have started to think the Chinese Government are kind of hilarious though. I’m not so astonished at their outrageously, irrational control freak behaviour anymore. No, I like them. They’re like this hugely powerful but very very scared broadway diva who lashes out irrationally all the time. How gay that I would like that. Come on China, belt out a number. [source]

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