Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Borat film came out what, like 13 months ago? Yet here we still are, learning that some of the Americans in the film are only now figuring out the joke AND they’re suing. Almost immediately after the film’s release there were the chauvinistic, right wing southerner boys who got drunk in the RV and talked openly about how women aren’t to be respected who decided to sue under the premise that they were misrepresented.

Now there’s the driving instructor who feels that after he signed the release form he wasn’t properly informed about what the project actually was and that’s just fine and understandable.

Meanwhile, exactly what IS the problem? Was his credibility actually harmed in any way? I mean, it’s a pretty safe bet that the driver’s ed company he works for in Smalltown, Fly-over state X is still doing the whopping amount of business it was doing prior to filming. Additionally, the driver reacted the way any extremely average, humourless person would act when confronted by something as absurd as Borat; he avoided all possibility of laughing at the ludicrousness of the situation and got away.

Isn’t evidence that they’re unequivocally the status quo all these tired ass people want? Why sue at this point. Even those drunk boys basically said all they needed to say to run for public office as Republicans. They probably secured their future with the KKK just by getting drunk and mouthing off. They should be paying Borat for that. Where the hell else were they going to end up? They were going to end up working for daddy and marrying their sister, that’s where. [source]

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