Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kate Moss is, according to the New York Post, siccing her lawyers onto Pete Doherty to ensure that he doesn’t work with Britain's ITV2 network to tell all about their romance and share his home videos of her in a documentary titled "Kate & Pete: A Love Story." She’s really concerned.

While the concept of considering Pete Doherty a threat is probably laughable to basically anyone else, besides maybe his kittens or small children who get in the way of him and his heroin, Kate Moss is delusional.

For Pete Doherty to actually be able to help in the making of a film that involves his film footage he’d have to be able to coherently put together a list of things to do in order to play a part in its production. I mean, he’d have to freaking honestly put down the crack pipe and deliver the footage. Although, perhaps behind closed doors, Pete Doherty, when high, is a meticulously clean, filing obsessed organizer. Yes, that works for me. In fact, he more than likely puts on a maid outfit and vigorously cleans while walking on tip toe, every inch of his home and while in the process he catalogues his own library of family video tapes.

Yes, he knows exactly where it all is and for a million dollars he’d be able to find them. I mean, that’s crack money for like a year for Pete Doherty.

Kate Moss better get her lawyer onto it so she can get some of that money ITV2 is offering.
Incidentally, I’m so glad someone is making a documentary about their relationship. I’m dying to be able to identify. [source]

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A.Rio said...

This cracks me up.