Thursday, December 06, 2007

Niarchos with a random blond woman. Probably Paris Hilton

Why the hell does “Greek Shipping Heir Stavros Niarchos” get press? It’s got to be “Greek Shipping Heir Stavros Niarchos” too, it can’t just be Stavros Niarchos.
Page Six reports that something happened with him and a friend where he and his friend fell in a pool and his friend had to get stitches. Ok, gee great. I mean give me something to work with here.

So, he fucked Paris Hilton once. Does that REALLY mean anything? Isn’t she sort of just a vagued out town bike when you’re an heir? Like in the town of heirs? There’s probably a town. It’s in LA. Or, it’s an underground town in New York. Whatever.

Niarchos reaching for depth

It would be different if he hung from the rafters and lashed out with racial tyrades at a doorman like Ecuadorian heir Fabian Basabe did in the Hamptons a while back but there’s no angle here. So, he drank something. This is almost as bad as these press releases I keep getting from John E or whoever he is, this New York party promoter I’ve never even met where he gets quoted in some lame ass article about whether New York nightlife has been destroyed by bottle service. There’s nothing to talk about there.

Paris Hilton with Niarchos - he's in a yellow t shirt.

You know what? I’m amazed I actually managed to get this far into the post. I mean, you just know Niarchos is a fucking stupid, entitled douche bag.

Here’s Elizabeth Taylor howling.

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