Tuesday, December 18, 2007

God, it’s all about young women of pop culture today; apparently the universe is now blaming Jessica Simpson for making the Dallas Cowboys lose over the weekend which, by itself is completely inane and stands as a testament to how god damned stupid professional sport is. Mind you, if these people didn’t have sport to cling to maybe they’d be out singing in public and selling their home made knitwear so let them blame Jessica Simpson for a sports team in which she doesn’t play losing. Fine.

But, isn’t it interesting that in the space of two weeks Ashley Simpson was blamed by Fall Out Boy for their failing to get any Grammy nominations and now Jessica is being blamed for making the Dallas Cowboys lose. This is sort of on par with the times that Paris Hilton’s sidekick was stolen and all her details were spread all over the country by the hackers. It’s just kicking them down so they can be kicked more.

The weird thing is, I know it’s totally irrational to blame the Simpsons sisters for things they have no real part in but there’s a part of me that sort of does believe that their careers to date have actually been leading up to this moment. I mean, is it completely unfeasible that Jessica Simpson is NOT actually a demon? A terrible cursed demon that brings travesty upon all? Eventually? I think is it completely feasible that that is the truth of the matter. [source]

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