Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nothing has been enough of a motivation to get Britney Spears to get it together and just put her head down and work despite what appears like the entire of Hollywood offering to assist her. Her record label put out a record and then let her not promote it for Christ’s sake. Nothing could get that ass moving.

Until today apparently.

Page Six reports that Britney Spears was meant to be filming the music video for her single, “Piece of Me” and when she didn’t turn up for several hours, Jive, her record label just quickly got to work dressing the set for a newer, younger version of Britney.

When word got to Ms Spears that at 26 she was nearing the precipice of her youth she high tailed it back to the set like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.

So, it seems that Ms. Spears isn’t entirely out of her mind unhinged. She still knows that she can be replaced and the fact that her record label is already getting ready to focus their energies on other, younger, more compliant wannabe starlets she suddenly sobered up and wiped the foam from her chops. How intriguing. It's possible they've found her on/off button. [source]

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