Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A woman in Nebraska is attacked by a couple of mean, bully cats who burst into her house and scratch her up. While the police chief says that they attacked her for no reason, it’s clear that there’s very little for adolescent cats to DO in North Platte, Nebraska so consequently they appear to be turning to violence, crime and probably drugs. Yes, the violence was because of or for drugs. Clearly. [source]

While it is correctly reported that Nino's Bellisima restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side has recently launched the thousand dollar pizza that comes with six caviars and fresh lobster, the report is incorrect in saying that it’s the world's most extravagant pizza. The most extravagant – or at least more extravagant than this - was bought by Maurizio Morelli and he paid 2150 pounds for it. That’s UK pounds which is about $7 billion US. [source]

In what appears to be an ongoing, time honoured and relentless quest to make sex thoroughly distasteful in Germany, Germans have started giving senior citizens 50% off visits brothels in Berlin because there are so many frisky old people (men) and maybe business is slow. How arousing. [source]

Spanish Matador Fernando Cruz is gored not once but twice causing damage almost exclusively to his genitals making it more or less unlikely that he’ll be able to have children. Unless doctors can save him. One really great part about this story is the way it describes the bulletin issued by doctors as “eye watering” Mmm, visceral. [source]

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