Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Britney is set to leave rehab but it’s rumoured she’s going broke which is both not surprising and also surprising. Isn’t she just a corporate product who will go on generating money after she’s dead from every breakfast cereal, home pregnancy kit and search engine product (oops, that’s actually her ex-husband who has just launched a totally inane self branded internet search engine , no, seriously! Let’s add “narcissism” ,“absurd” and “no” to the list of words Kevin Federline hasn’t had enough experience with) she lent her name to? Mind you, she was filling the massive gaping void in her soul, the one cut out when she paid her dues to become a household name in Namibia, with anything physical she could get her hands on to pay for. Perhaps the spending HAS caught up with her. [source]

The Anna Nicole Smith paternity dispute is expected to come to a head any day now. -At this point, the Anna Nicole saga can’t merely be a product of random absurd events when it comes to the amount of outrageous components that have so far made up the story (to recap: a mystery father, a childbirth in the Bahamas, her son’s mysterious drug related death, HER mysterious drug related death, the paternity claims including one from a pseudo-prince married to Zsa Zsa Gabor, the money grubbing mother who resembles a giant blonde slug, the corrupt Bahamian immigration official, the crying, showboating judge, the mother’s attempt to stop the funeral as it is happening, her frenetic shoveling of dirt into the grave, Entertainment Tonight (just in general). Now, Lawrence Korda, a judge involved in the saga is arrested for smoking pot in a public park, it seems far more likely a strange and crazy little man is sitting up in a stone tower writing the script while intermittently inhaling opium. [source] [source]

Robbie Williams is out of rehab where he was being treated for depression, he kisses a random girl and goes home alone. He describes his experience in rehab as similar to that of bootcamp and as a result the rehab center he was in considers suing him. [source]

Lance Bass make out with a guy on the weekend which means that he’s back on the prowl. Is it mean to say that he’s a really average average guy. Totally not that great looking but the public seem to think he is anyway simply because he was in a boy band which ups his prettiness quota. Whatever, guys kissing is always good news. [source]

Keanu Reeves is involved in a car accident with a photographer. He ísn't hurt, the photographer goes to hospital, according to this report Keanu drives a 1996 porsche. Not a whole lot more to this. It seemed like a good excuse to put up a picture of him that hinted at him being naked is probably more the point [source]

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