Friday, March 16, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Pseudo-aristocrat, Prince Frederick von Anhalt sues Bill O’Reilly for saying he’s a fraud for claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s kid. While O’Reilly is a bully, hate-profiteer, is there any doubt he was wrong? The Prince isn’t even a real Prince. [source]

Heather Mills is a publicity whore, it’s not that complex. She denies it but, obviously, she won’t OWN it. First the entire idea of going on Dancing with the Stars to emphasise her prosthetic leg which she knows people will talk about is entirely transparent, the fact that she could even be a contender is based almost entirely on the press she’s received from merely divorcing Paul McCartney and now, her incessant calls to 999 have made her a pest. Now she, it’s fairly clear, is a reluctant celebrity whore. [source]

Demonstrating solid reasons why they should be in positions of power, local church officials in the Caribbean have declared concern that if Elton John arrives in the Caribbean, he may turn locals gay. Unless some locals already are gay and have lost all grip on reality and may or may not work performatively for the church to make up for their own self hatred in the desperate hope that they’ll still go to heaven. If that were the case, Elton John wouldn’t really be making anyone gay that wasn't already. [source]

Larry Birkhead and his attorney sever their relationship. Birkhead is now represented by a Bahamian attorney which could, at the end of the day – no disrespect to Bahamian lawyers – make it more marketably tragic of his lawyer fails to be as ruthless (and media coverage worthy) at Howard K Stern’s.

Lindsay Lohan is knocking them back again. It seems that the moment celebrities announce they’re going into rehab is the moment they benefit most from the publicity so maybe she’s just working up to another round of shocked press coverage. [source]

Star Jones won’t talk to Barbara Walters anymore, in fact she’s ceased contact with all the hosts except Elizabeth Hasselbeck primarily because, it is assumed, that Elizabeth is the only one so disconnected from reality to not realize what a narcissistic gorgon Star Jones actually is. [source]

Anna Wintour thinks that the word “blog” is common and jarring so she decides to use a different word on the reincarnation of the Vogue Website – one that her staff are yet to make up. [source]

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