Friday, March 09, 2007

Mayan Priests are gearing up to cleanse the parts of Guatemala George W Bush inhabits after his visit because his mere presence offends them on a fundamental spiritual level.

Sure the cynics will argue that it's a way of promoting yoga retreats and chakra alignment to New Yorkers but it seems as though evidence of something else is seeping out here. Something dark and probably sexual and it's coming from George W Bush himself.

Negative attention like relentlessly low approval ratings that are poured so readily on President Bush really only serve to validate his self righteous God complex because he's a Christian. Christians (God complex riddled and laypersons alike) love it when people berate them because they feel like the Devil is getting angry that they're managing to challenge evil so effectively by sticking to their guns.

For a professional public Christian like George W Bush a public cleansing by a bunch of South American pagans can only validate him on a massive global scale. After all, they're going to Hell anyway so anything they do is the Devil's work.

While it's certainly tasteful to fantasise about it, is it outrageous to suggest George W likes the abuse...sexually? Is the fact that George W Bush seems oblivious to such disapproval and resentment a clue that suggests he's actually heavily into a very closeted form of S and M? Is he really oblivious? Is it far more likely that he actually revels in it and propagates it?

After all, it seems this love of public humiliation bears remarkable resemblance to that common and tired old cliche of a high court judge wanting to be tied up and dominated by a heroin starved hustler who is paid to keep demanding to know who the prisoner is now. Ultimately, it's about catharsis based on the balance of power being subverted.

For example, a conversation on your average week night in the White House bedroom might go:

Why do they hate you George? Why?

Cause I'm so dirty...

How dirty?

Spiritually dirty...

You're not just spiritually dirty are you, George...


How dirty are you?

I'm so spiritually dirty they have to cleanse the energy of an entire geographical region when I leave...

Yeah...that's how dirty you are....

Sure extreme politicians are hated in their time and sure they remain steadfast in their beliefs if only to appeal to a certain voter base. When it gets to this point, where the spiritual leaders of nations are having to re-align regions of their countries spiritually because a world leader leaves the region - there's got to be something else is at play. Something your average person normally has to pay extra for. [source]

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