Thursday, March 01, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Well well well, Entertainment Tonight and Perez Hilton. It seems that despite the antagonistic campaigning you did to make Britney look like a horrifying psychopath with irreparable issues, perhaps it just WAS overwhemlingly a product of post-partum depression. Well, ok, post partum depression coupled with the fact that Britney, at the heart of it, is an emotionally infantile white trash hick. But still - there's no medical condition for that. Is there?

Not content with not quite owning everything, Madonna launches a fashion line through H and M. If you sign it, the queens will buy. Maybe.

Even though it's been a pending issue to be dealt with above and beyond the money, the question of whether or not Dannielyn is a drug addict kid - seeing as her mother more or less was one - is actually of real concern. That kid was on methodone before it could breathe air.

With less than 24 hours to go before Anna Nicole is buried in the Bahamas, Virgie Arthur realises there's no point in fighting for the body. She cuts her losses with the corpse and goes for the kid/money. With new streamlined priorities, she and Howard K Marshall eye each other off when Virgie comes to see the kid. He doesn't let her hold it.

Inexplicably, Miss USA Tara Conner - her soul freshly exfoliated through a good solid high profile stint in rehab and her appeal tokenistically reset with the American people - isn't actually talented at everything. Rehearsals for her to star in the Broadway production of Chicago are presenting producers with the increasingly likely task of having to fire her for not actually having any real talent. But, how can this be? She's famous! Isn't that enough?

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